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Session Title: Art Museums and Acts of Disembodiment

With the goal to counteract experiences in visucentric places that place visitors’ bodies in the periphery of the experience, participants will unpack the museum experience, examine instances of disembodiment, and consider some tenets for a body-based, immersive design.


Filippa Christofalou (she/hers), M.S.Ed. is a performance and multimedia artist, a mother, museum educator, and public engagement professional. Her practice on body-based pedagogies, learning, engagement, and participation is situated in art museums and gallery spaces centering a gestalt notion of the sensorial experience between museum bodies|museum places. She has collaborated in different capacities in cultural institutions in 4 countries including Saatchi Gallery, London National Maritime Museum, Chicago Art Institute, Whitney Museum, and National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

As a doctoral student at Columbia University Teachers College, Filippa researches body-based pedagogies and asks questions around acts of disembodiment during the museum experience. Filippa has a multidisciplinary background and studies in Art History, Environmental Studies and Geology, Theater, and Drama in Education.

Filippa believes in the potential of body-based pedagogies to disrupt institutional hierarchies and re-contextualize museum spaces as places of liberation. She is also the founder of The Drama Science Lab, a series of evolving projects that use the body as a medium to explore the landscape of sci-art (science and art).

Personal website:


Recent Publication: Facilitating Body Based Pedagogies in Museum Spaces: The Significance of Addressing Social Location and Positionality



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