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Anna-Carolin Weber (Cologne) works as a dance maker with a focus on media choreography at the intersection of artistic practice and research. As a choreographer, she creates interdisciplinary performance projects that explore dance in conjunction with digital media (particularly Virtual Reality). Anna-Carolin Weber maintains a close artistic collaboration with digital games and playful media expert Tobias Kopka (Cologne), whose work as a curator, program director, and facilitator is driven by bringing people together at the boundaries of their knowledge and experience.

In collaboration with dramaturg, choreographer and performer René Reith (Hamburg), who initiates research and staging processes with a queer-feminist perspective combining theory and practice, and performer and choreographer Helena Miko (Cologne), who is currently pursuing a PhD at the Institute of Dance and Movement Culture/DSHS Cologne on the topic of ‚Dance  – Artistic Research – Post-Digitality,’ as well as with lighting designer Jasper Gather (Dresden), who develops installations and live light compositions, Anna-Carolin Weber and Tobias Kopka constitute their choreographic interaction designs for mixed-reality dance performances.

They are further supported in sound design and DJ-ing by Philip Kühn (Cologne), in lighting technology and stage design by Marlon Brodda (Münster) and Paul Förster (Dresden), in live videography by Alessandro De Matteis (Cologne), in virtual reality operation and sound by Max Kolb (Berlin), and by Phillip Dittmann (Bochum), who takes on the role of artistic assistance and support.

This multidisciplinary team of dance makers (choreography & performance), light artists, sound designers, technicians, and interaction designers independently and in close communication with the artistic leadership duo continuously contribute their expertise to project development, conceptual design, concrete rehearsals, and the reflection of performances. In this way, the team is consistently involved in the ongoing evolution of each project and actively drives the process of collaborative artistic research forward. In this constellation, the mixed-reality productions ‚I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE – Duets for One Head and Two Hands‘ (tanz:digital grant 2022) and ‚BEAUTIFUL CONNECTION – A Social Performance Training‘ (tanz:digital grant 2023) were created, along with festival appearances and guest performances at Zeche Zollverein, Essen (Next Level Festival 2022), PATHOS Theater, Munich (including Games-Fest 2022), tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf (TEMPS D’IMAGES FESTIVAL 2023), Alte Feuerwache, Cologne (Moovy Dance Film Festival 2023), and Silent Green, Berlin (A MAZE – 12th International Festival Games and Playful Media Festival).



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